Family passport holder with anti-loss & location tracking

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Losing your passport can be one of the most terrible and expensive mistakes of your life. This passport holder can prevent this from happening, save your holiday and look stylish all in one.

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How would you feel if you missed your holiday because of a lost passport? With it’s built in tracking device your passport holder makes sure it never happens to you.


Arrive at your gate calm and in control. Your passport holder has space for 4 passports, 6 credit cards, boarding passes, cash, keys and anything else you may need with you.


Holiday without worry, this passport holder is splash proof keeping your belongings safe and dry. 


What would you do if someone stole your identity and forged your details? With it’s RFID blocking your passport holder prevents this from happening.


Why Nagging Mum’s passport holders are the best



Made from a polyester blend and measuring 13.5cm by 24.5cm, this passport holder is strong, durable and easy to carry making going on holiday as easy as possible.


UK delivery takes up to 3 working days and costs £1.99. Worldwide delivery costs up to £4.99.

1 review for Family passport holder with anti-loss & location tracking

  1. Saranne

    Nagging mum you are a genius, this is such a good idea and works perfectly. I bought one for my son when he went away, I had this fear he would lose his passport and get stuck for days in India. It worked so well I bought myself one too.

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