Who loses their passport the most? Men or Woman?

Find out who are the most likely to lose their passport

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By Nagging Mum

A lost passport can be the thing of nightmares. Not only is it stressful, it can also cost you a lot of money or even mean you miss your holiday altogether. Despite this, 20,000 of us Brits manage to lose our passports each year and it is estimated it costs us holiday makers £5million every year.

Consequences of a lost passport

Our guide on what to do if you lose your passport shows the quickest you can replace your lost passport is 9 days. If you lose your passport and travel in the following 9 days then you are going to miss your holiday altogether. Worse still your travel insurance is unlikely to reimburse you any of your holiday costs, so a lost passport really is a thing of nightmares. Despite this, many of us still manage to lose our passports, but who are most likely to lose them, men or woman?

Who are most likely to lose their passport?

According to gov.uk, Men are most likely to lose their passport. 60% of those passports reported lost are men’s, versus 40% being Woman’s. This may not surprise many of us woman out there and is exactly why I take charge of the passports when we go away.

A study from Springhill suites also show that women are the most organised when it comes to travel. 46% of woman leave packing to last 24 hours prior to travelling compared to 54% of Men.

For those men out there, hating that woman are more organised and less likely to lose their passports, there are simple things you can do to help keep your passport safe. The biggest is, let your wife or girlfriend look after them! Joking aside, I have created my top tips to keeping your passport safe to help you out. 

Never lose your passport again